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For general inquiries and further information, please email us at:

Ginger Shive, Director

Trish Lindaman, President

Nancy Harris, Secretary

Eloise Boren,

Advertisting & Marketing

Taci Philbrook, Vendors

Anna Marie Smith

Abbie Justice, FFA Student


The John Day Valley is located in Eastern Oregon, approximately 135 miles east of Bend, OR & 190 miles east of Boise, ID & 100 miles south of Pendelton, OR. & 75 miles North of Burns, OR. The two highways to John Day are Hwy 26 east/west and Hwy 395 north/south.

Prairie City is 13 miles east of John Day on Hwy 26.
This is a relatively untouched country in many ways and still considered "Frontier' because of fewer than 2 persons per square mile.


There are many back roads and 'loop' drives around the entire county and close enough to other great sites for reasonable day trips or over nights, such as the Steens Mountain/Alvord desert country, the John Day Fossil Beds/Painted Hills, the Wallowa Mountains, and Anthony Lakes.


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